Sentimental Journey












Here are some selected pictures taken at the Riverside Airport of the Sentimental Journey.

The Sentimental Journey belongs to the Arizona Wing of the Confederate Air Force. This B-17G was built in late 1944 and served in the Pacific. After the war, the bomber was tranferred to Eglin Field, Florida for service in air-sea rescue operations. Then in 1978, the bomber was donated to the Confederate Air Force when the Arizona Wing was formed.

According to the fact sheet, there are only 50 B-17s left in the world. The Sentimental Journey visits 60 cities across the United States. It costs $2,000 an hour to maintain this magnificent bomber. The bomber has appeared in such movies and TV shows as All The Fine Young Men, 1941, Wings, and on various History Channel programs.

Sentimental Journey has the markings of the 8th Air Force unit, 457th Bomb Group based in Glatton, England.

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